GameStop's been riding the used games gravy train for awhile now but it seems they might have a big competitor coming: Toys R Us. Select locations of the national toy retailer have begun to accept used games for in-store credit.

A user at CheapAssGamer reports that his local Toys R Us in Nanuet, New York now has signs that encourage shoppers to trade in their old games. The same store's already begun to sell pre-owned games as well. One caveat: they won't accepted games rated "A", which probably means "AO" games. Yes, you'll have to go somewhere else to pawn off your sleazy sex games.

When he called the store to ask more details, he was told that it was a test program that will last two more months. Seems like it could work, considering the appeal of cheaper gaming will only go up with the economy in the shitter. Is Toys R Us big enough to beat the firmly entrenched GameStop at its own game, though?

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