Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Revs Up On PC Today

I know what you kids are into these days: Racing your motorbikes through the streets, doing flippy-doos and pulling off phat tricksters and wicked jumps. It's love of those types of activities that has made the Trials series of games so popular on the Xbox 360 and, now, you can finally dig down into all of that xtreme goodness on the PC with the launch of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

Some Trials fans may be surprised to know that RedLynx's take on the series actually got its start on the PC back in 2008 with the release of Trials 2 SE. A big hit, RedLynx continued to fine-tune the engine, eventually releasing Trials HD and its follow-up, Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360. Despite that, the game has never returned to its PC roots. Until now, that is.

Now PC gamers can get their hands on Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, featuring 129 tracks and mini games coming straight from the original Trials HD and its Evolution follow-up. According to a statement from RedLynx, this latest PC version of the game comes packed with all of the features from the previous games as well, including the level editor, leaderboards, four player multiplayer and online/offline competitions.

For additional details or to purchase your own copy of the game for PC, head on over to the official website. Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny if the Riders of Doom DLC or Origin of Pain DLC are included but, either way, it sounds like that core version of Gold Edition should keep everyone busy for a good long while.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.