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Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Launching In March

Trials Evolution is coming to the PC in a matter of months. Today Ubisoft announced a March release date for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, a new bundle containing both Evolution and its predecessor Trials HD.

The Trials series, if you're not aware, is all about stunt racing. Players hop on a dirt bike and try to navigate perilous obstacle courses. The objective is to complete each track as quickly and cleanly as possible. The money earned from completing races can be spent to buy new customization items and upgrades.

Gold Edition includes all of the tracks from Evolution and HD. The total number of tracks is somewhere north of 120. The content from HD have all been remade with the sequel's enhanced visuals and physics, as well.

Ubisoft Shanghai, who developed the PC bundle with supervision from Trials creators RedLynx, also ported over the multiplayer features. Up to four players will be able to race online or offline. If you're playing on an Internet-connected PC, your performance will be tracked by leaderboards.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition marks the series' return to the PC. Trials 2: Second Edition was released exclusively on PC back in 2008. Evolution and HD were released on Xbox 360 in subsequent years. They've been exclusive to that console since then.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.