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Who says being an Xbox Live Arcade Gold member doesn’t come with some sweet benefits? You may not get to board planes early or walk down a fancy red carpet at all the best restaurants in town, but you get to party like a rockstar from time to time in the digital space with sweet, sweet discounts on great games. This weekend, for instance, Gold members can pick up Trine 2 for fiddy percent off.

Frozenbyte’s gorgeous action platformer is being marked down to 600 Microsoft Points ($7.50) through July 2, giving Gold members just a couple of days to take advantage of this scorching summer deal.

In Trine 2 players can fly solo or team up with a partner to control the three chosen heroes, a wizard, a knight and a thief, in order to solve clever puzzles and battle devious monsters across a highly detailed, beautifully designed side-scrolling world.

The story is a sequel to the original Trine, but it’s not directly connected and can therefore be enjoyed without having experienced the first game. If you can’t tell, I’m a pretty big fan of this one and, at half price, it’s something of a steal.

I mean, it’s the summer, right? What else have you got to do? You know there aren’t any games hitting store shelves anytime soon. You might as well pick up this fantasy adventure on the cheap and have yourself a grand ole time. You wouldn’t even have to put on pants to pick it up, either. And what says summer like “no pants?”