Trump Dump Is A Game For Those Who Really Hate Donald Trump

With American politics at an all-time low, it’s no wonder that game developers are taking to their art to express their discontent with the presidential race. The last time we had a presidential race, social media wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today, but now I see Donald Trump all over my newsfeed on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s no wonder that Trump has also leaked into the video game world. Trump Dump is a mobile game that lets those take their anger out on Trump.

Trump Dump works a lot like Flappy Bird, except...backwards. In Flappy Bird, you tap the screen to bounce the bird upwards, but in Trump Dump, you tap the screen to bounce the bird downwards. It feels really weird at first and makes gameplay pretty difficult. The trick is to get through the hole in the wall. Once you finally make it through the hole, you get the opportunity to drop a dump on Trump. Check out the gameplay below.

When I downloaded and played the game, I found it extremely difficult at first to get used to the backwards gameplay than what I was already used to with Flappy Bird, but I guess that’s why you only need to get through one wall before dropping a poop on Donald Trump. It was a fun little mobile game to pass the time and coincidedly feed my hatred for the annoying and negative embarrassment to our country.

The game was released earlier in the year by daydream.? and is available on either iOS or Android, so no one gets left out of the Trump Dump. If you would like to download the game yourself, you can head over to the iOS store or the Google PLay store.