The Canadian-based development studio, Sarbakan Game Studios, announced today that they are working on two new projects exclusively for the controller-free, motion-driven gaming device for the Xbox 360, which are set to arrive in retail stores across North America and Europe sometime later in 2011.

Given that the company is just announcing the titles and the fact that they’re due out next year means that they obviously aren’t catered toward core gamers. Nevertheless, gamers can expect even more projects after the two untitled, unnamed games from Sarbakan go live for the Kinect.

Guy Boucher, President of Sarbakan, commented in the press release about the upcoming games and the future of working with controller-free gaming devices, saying…
"We are truly poised as a forward-developing studio,"… "As we broadened our services to include iOS and Kinect platforms, our existing and potential partners have really ramped up their creative development with Sarbakan to provide their titles and brands across multiple platforms."

We’ll provide you with more info on the new games once it becomes available. For now, you can be nosey and scout out the Official Sarbakan Website to learn more about the Canadian developers.

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