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Ubisoft Is Opening Their Own Theme Park

For all the complaints about Ubisoft as a publisher, one must admit that they aren't afraid to take some serious risks. The French corporation has decided to expand from making games and movies to developing theme parks.

All Games Beta picked up the press release where Ubisoft announced that they will be opening up a theme park centered around their popular game franchises such as the Raving Rabbids, Just Dance and Assassin's Creed. The company is partnering with RSG, the co-owner and co-developer of Movie Animation Park Studios.

Those of you who are hoping on planning to go on vacation there, you'll need to mark the calendar for the far distant date of 2020. That's right, the theme park is five years off from opening. What's more is that the park will not be situated close by for either European or American gamers. The first park will open its doors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It happens to be the second most visited country in Asia, so it has a strong value for being a tourist attraction.

The park itself will be 10,000 square meters and will feature a number of attractions, events and thrill rides for kids and adults of all ages.

Jean de Rivières, senior vice president, Ubisoft Motion Pictures commented about the announcement of the new park, stating...

Together we are creating a place where every guest is a player, every ride is a playground, every visit is a game,In RSG, we’ve found a partner with a successful track record in working with international brands, a shared ambition to design the family destination of the future, and a wealth of expertise in theme park development.

It's hard to gauge how well this park will do, but it all depends on the tourists visiting Malaysia taking an interest in Ubisoft's attractions. I have no idea how something like Assassin's Creed would work as a proper theme park event, but I can easily see how they could build roller coasters and exciting motion-oriented rides around properties like Trackmania. That game series is begging to be turned into either an augmented reality thrill ride or a cool looking coaster.

Heck, I can even imagine a series of real life mini-games based around Watch Dogs.

According to RSG chairman Ramelle Ramli...

RSG is committed to redefining family fun, and video games have taken an increasingly central role in entertainment for all ages,Partnering with Ubisoft means we’ll work with their creative teams to develop the first of what we believe will be a revolutionary new theme park experience. We are confident that this partnership agreement highly benefits both parties and consolidates our presence in the global family entertainment market.

This is somewhat of an interesting move following on Nintendo's recent collaboration with Universal Studios to bring to life many of their properties as theme park attractions as well. I wonder if Activision and EA will get in on these theme park business sometime soon?

Supposedly there will be more information about Ubisoft's endeavors with the physical theme park entertainment business over on their official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.