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Winking WindThunder Studio unveiled a new trailer for upcoming PlayStation VR experience called Unearthing Mars. The project is about a human expedition to Mars to explore the surface, uncover its history and unearth its secrets.

IGN posted up the exclusive reveal trailer from this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. The event has played host to many big game and tech reveals so far, and you can check out the new trailer for Unearthing Mars below.

The trailer is cut together with a few snippets of clips of what we can only presume are cinematic sequences. It's a little tough to tell but on the upside the game is running on the Unreal Engine 4, so it's likely that everything you see could be how the actual game looks in its final form when it releases later this year.

The trailer starts with a spaceship heading towards Mars, the ship is called the Impresa and we see it entering into the red planet's atmosphere. We later see an all-terrain land vehicle driving around in what looks like harsh weather, and then later there's a clip of two astronauts and a small robot who looks a little bit like a Mega Man version of Honda's Asimo toughing it through a Mars sandstorm.

The clip then cuts over to what looks like Mars having had a great and beautiful landscape while the narration suggests that the planet may have been host to a “great civilization”. Later on it's hinted at the images of the Mars civilization possibly being a mirage of sorts, with the commander of the operation suggesting that they “stay cool” to make sure that it's “not an illusion”.

There's absolutely nothing on display showcasing how the game is played or whether or not it's going to make use of the PS Move on the PS4. Instead we just get an idea of what the visuals are like and what the plot entails for the PlayStation VR title.

It's almost impossible to get a gauge on what to expect from Unearthing Mars. The official website for Winking Entertainment doesn't really explain anything about the game other than that it's about venturing to Mars and unearthing the planet's secrets. They do note that the title won't just be for the PlayStation VR but for the Oculus Rift as well. This possibly opens up the revelation that this is going to be a PC title as well?

They don't really explain anything further over on the official website, where the description is kept brief and the mystery for this VR project is kept highly intact. What we do know is that Unearthing Mars is set for release sometime later in 2016 for the PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift.

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