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It was obviously coming sooner rather than later, but Unity Technology has announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to support Windows 8 and the upcoming Xbox One home entertainment media device.

David Helgason CEO of Unity Technologies, commented in the press release, saying...
“Our vision is to democratize game development and provide opportunity for all developers, from individuals to massive teams,”... “Our collaboration will help further these goals by empowering our community to create games across Microsoft’s powerful platforms. Their vision to provide the best outlet for games to be enjoyed parallels our own vision to build the best platform for games to be developed and we’re excited to work with them to shape the future of the industry.”

Haha, right...

Well, anyway the Unity 3D engine is a tight outfit of slick technological properties and advanced opportunities to make games ranging from simple 2D adventures and pseudo-3D RPGs like Project Eternity, to first-person shooters like Interstellar Marines. The engine is widely regarded as an affordable and versatile software suite for both big and small studios alike.

Making the engine available for Windows 8 and the Xbox One should prove to open up some leeway between all the tension currently circulating around Microsoft and indie developers after Sony waived fees and issued self-publishing licenses for independent developers while Microsoft is generally keeping the Xbox One development environment the same as the current ecosystem for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is feeling the Unity, though, and they're liking the connection as it could help them win back over some of the hate they've incurred from indie developers, such as the wrath that spewed out over the interwebs that sites like VG 24/7 reported on just a few days ago. All that said, Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism organization commented about the collaboration, saying...
“Unity has established itself not only as an incredible development toolset and engine, but as a significant force for creative freedom and innovation in the games development community,” “With Unity’s commitment to support Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem will benefit from the wealth of ideas and imagination flowing from the Unity games development community.”

I didn't know Microsoft had an evangelism organization, but it shouldn't really be too surprising given the pious liturgy of info from the Dorito Pope whenever big game news drops, or the congregation of gamers that form up for Double XP weekend worship, courtesy of the house of Doritos and Dew.

Anyway, I'm hoping this isn't just some marketing fluff to pad the presence of Microsoft's services (you know how some games say they support Nvidia's PhysX and it's just a trash can that tips over when you bump into it? Well yeah, let's hope Unity isn't the trash can in Microsoft's playground).

Right now the Unity tech is highly respected amongst many indie devs and will play a big role in upcoming PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U projects.

You can learn more about the Unity 3D Engine by paying a visit to the official website or finding out more about the strategic partnership between Unity Technology and Microsoft by visiting Microsoft's official website.

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