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Epic Games will be officially unveiling the live-trailer and demo mechanics for their highly anticipated next-generation game engine, the Unreal Engine 4 on live TV beginning June 7th, at the LA Convention center during this year's E3 tradeshow.

DSO Gaming is reporting that beginning June 7th, 1 A.M. ET/PT on Spike TV Epic will showcase the Unreal Engine 4 for the world to see.

What's more is that Neogaf member Metalmurphy managed to get hold of a few of the "moving parts" of the Unreal Engine 4 demon demo and put together a snazzy little gif which you can view below.

Looks pretty snazzy eh? A larger version of the stitched together gif can be found over at DSO Gaming.

The Unreal Engine 4 will bring with it a number of enhancements, mostly visually and in terms of optimization. A lot of the demo was supposedly consistent of particle effects and volumetric effect controls. Outside of all the snazzy DX11 features and high-end, next-gen graphics, the engine will also enable developers to producer higher-quality games in shorter amounts of time, especially for indie devs, which Epic wants to focus on a lot more during the Unreal Engine 4 middleware cycle.

You can look for the Unreal Engine 4 to be showcased next week during the largest video game tradeshow of the year. For more info on the engine be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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