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Valiant Hearts Trailer For PS4, Xbox One, PC Sacrifices Graphics For Storytelling

Ubisoft is really taking risks with their monies. They may be the third largest video game software publisher in the world, but they're easily the most creative of the big-budget publishers.

The trailer above helps depict a game that doesn't rely on gritty, gray, sewer-flavored aesthetics and designs, but instead takes a topic of discussion that has been on the minds, lips, thoughts and comments of gamers for quite some time, and puts it into a playable, engaging experience the likes of which we haven't played in a game before now.

The story revolves around tragic characters trapped in the trepiditious times of the Great War. At stake are family, life and love. You can get a scope of the gameplay and the characters and story setup in this somewhat visual playbill of Ubisoft's creative venture, with The Average Gamer's video below.

You have to admit, that's a pretty slick game. While it's a lot more tame and slower paced than the original comeback trailer would lead you to believe, it's still every bit as thrilling for the simple fact that it's not an uninteresting, bland, trench-shooter.

Although, given that Activision is already breaching future warfare with Advanced Warfare, I imagine they'll need to tackle some other popular war for the between years as they milk three outings of the new Advanced Warfare brand. One of those wars could be the trench warfare of World War I, but they would need to do a whole lot of scripting and consulting with Michael Bay to churn four play-worthy hours out of spending months crawling through shoulder high ditches for the average American that probably seemed to the French like a toddler trudging through the ball-pen at Chucky Cheese, all while dodging bullets the size of small rocks that would chip away enough of your head if they caught you in the face to make it look like a dead president on Mount Rushmore.

Ubisoft definitely took the high road with Valiant Hearts, putting the horror of the battlefield into a character-oriented context, as opposed to having gamers experience the action while aiming down the iron-sights of a bolt-action rifle.

I have to say that the promo trailer for the game has easily won me over. I don't know if the game will appeal to everyone over the long haul of its gameplay, but the mix of puzzle mechanics set within the war-torn front of Germany is pretty cool way to change up a formula that's become more tired than commercials telling you that spending money you don't have to attend a community college to get a degree in a field you don't care about to work 12 hours a day trying to troubleshoot a problem that 15-year-olds in Russia fix for the fun of it and 12-year-olds in China are forced to fix for two cents a day under a company that's worth about a $130 billion.

Nevertheless, Valiant Hearts is a pretty cool looking game and I can't wait to see how it turns out when it launches this June.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.