Vampire Slayer FPS Launches For Xbox Live

A new Xbox Live Indie Game called Vampire Slayer FPS has launched and it turns the standard FPS experience into a vampire versus hunter competitive showdown, with players having the option to choose the role of either being a vampire or a hunter. To celebrate the game's launch a new trailer has surfaced featuring some multiplayer gameplay.

It's easy to forget that the Xbox Live Indie Games section even exists. It kind of became a big thing to draw in a lot of talent at first and then sort of just faded into obscurity. It's nice to see some designers out there still taking advantage of the XNA tech. You can check out Vampire Slayer FPS in the trailer below.

The game is currently available via XBLIG for only 80 MS Points. You know, this game could actually become something if there were just a few more tidbits of polish exercised in a few areas. For instance, maybe if the pump animation for the shotgun was a bit more accentuated, and maybe if the animations for the vampires was cleaned up a bit when they get staked, it would look slightly more well rounded.

Still, as an indie title, Vampire Slayer FPS doesn't look all that bad, especially if they can patch in a few fixes. The first patch for the game is being worked on right now. You can grab the game off the Marketplace or visit the Facebook page to learn more.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.