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You can always count on a Republican NRA member to stick up for guns and place the blame of violent deaths directly in result of guns on something like digital bits and bytes. That's what happened in a recent interview where U.S. Republican Senator put the blame of violent deaths on video games.

I didn't know you could kill people by shooting them with a DVD or get headshots using Steam, but apparently Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander in an interview on MSNBC's The Daily Room [via Slate.com] decided that's where America's problem with violence stems from and certainly not the access to guns.

I like guns, I like the way they look and the way they sound and I think their function is pretty cool. I'll never own a gun but I really do like them. However, I'm not an idiot like Lamar, and it's quite obvious that if you don't have a gun to shoot people with, people won't get shot.

Until you can use Origin, PSN or Xbox Live to physically kill someone, it just makes the whole “Games kill people” debate look as ridiculous as that tie Lamar is sporting. Besides, who names their kid Lamar? I guess his parents enjoyed watching Reading Rainbow while cleaning their twin AR-15 assault rifles.

Anyway, I'd love, love, love to know how a video game can kill someone or poses a bigger problem than guns when one actually allows you to kill someone and the other is a simulation presenting virtual violence? Also, why aren't Brits killing each other with guns as badly as Americans when they have access to the same amount of "violent" video games?

Regardless, if you're unstable enough where virtual violence induces you to commit acts of real violence, then video games is probably the least of your problems.

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