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We knew it was coming but now it's confirmed. During a panel at the South by Southwest event (usually shortened to SXSW) Telltale Games made it known that a third season of The Walking Dead will be arriving for home consoles and PC.

There wasn't a lot of details released, but the information came out of a Reddit thread after someone posted news about the event from an SXSW panel that twas broadcast over on Twitch.tv.

We were already very well aware that a new The Walking Dead season was on the way, we just didn't know when... technically, we still don't know when. Not based on the info available so far. In the Reddit thread the only thing that the mod, Forestl, stated was...
“They said it will not come out for a while, but hinted at something else TWD related coming sooner (maybe a 400 days type game).”

Well “a while” means how long exactly? I might presume long enough that having an interim game come out within the next few months and then using that to create a release space for a few more months until the next Walking Dead game arrives would probably equate for a while. So, if I had to hazard a guess, maybe up to a year?

Bringing up The Walking Dead 400 Days as an example might be a good way of judging the distance between the next release. However, Episode 5 for The Walking Dead Season 1 went live back in November, 2012 for most gaming platforms, and the time between that and 400 Days was more than six months. 400 Days came out in July of 2013. It was then followed by first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 in December of 2013. So there was nearly a six month gap between each release.

If we're going to apply the same sort of release window schedule to Telltale Games' intentions for The Walking Dead Season 3 then technically we may not see anything until December, 2015 or maybe January, 2016. Seems kind of scary looking that far into the future, eh?

The Walking Dead gained a lot of popularity under TellTale's banner due to the very well written nature of the series, and the no-punches-pulled storylines that the company used to help flesh out a world surrounding the events that were depicted in both the television show and the graphic novel.

The first season focused around a character named Lee Everett, an ex-convict who finds himself taking care of a little girl named Clementine. He teaches her a lot of the ropes about surviving before becoming a victim of the zombie apocalypse. The second season picks up with a change in location and a change in protagonist. Players assume the role of Clementine as she tries to struggle through the world with various groups, dealing with the social politics of unique behaviors and unpredictable human intentions.

The second season of The Walking Dead game didn't quite carry the same level of acclaim that the first season did, a lot of it because as a young girl Clementine wasn't old enough to have had the sort of emotional and life-experience baggage to flesh out the dynamics of her character quite like Lee. It's kind of the trouble when shaping stories around kids as a main character.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how Telltale goes about their next entry in their highly lauded series.

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