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There have been plenty complaints about GTA Online, or GTA V's online component. The game's online mode is hugely ambitious, but due to limited console hardware technology and plenty of features that are having a tough time making their way into the game (and all the bugs that have cropped up in the process) has turned GTA Online into a shell of what was promised.

To be fair, Rockstar never actually showed us any real-time gameplay of GTA Online before it was released. We just had the PR promo trailers that we should all know by now are about as honest as a loan shark who's in charge of the collection trays at church.

With Watch Dogs, we actually get to see real-time gameplay of the multiplayer. We get to see how it works in action and we get to see these promised modes actually being played. Of course, I doubt they'll be as big or as a fleshed out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for obvious reasons, but I am glad that we're actually seeing this promise in a very real way, just a month out from release.

Now some of you are probably primed and ready to retort with the following: “Isn't it just a trailer? Couldn't they be lying about these features just like with Rockstar and GTA Online?”

Well, this could all be a staged presentation of the features, but we're still seeing it in action. These mechanics are real-time, and this isn't even the first multiplayer video to showcase said features. So it stands to admirably reason that it would probably be a lot cheaper, more effective and honest advertising to actually showcase something that works, as opposed to throwing tons of money into a fake demonstration for a feature that doesn't exist.

Of course, there's also the possibility that we're only seeing the game running on the PC, where things are expected to be seamless, gorgeous and fun. Then again, in the interview with, animation director Colin Graham did admit to them that...
"We have a partnership with Sony to promote this game. That's why we're here showing it this way,"

So that kind of explains why we mostly just see PS4 footage instead of the mysterious Xbox One version, which is rumored to be relegated to only 960p.

Even still, the multiplayer demonstration in the video trailer at the top of the article is still heavily impressive. The sort of organic chaos that ensues from the encounters is the sort of thing I was expecting from GTA Online... except that's not really how Rockstar's latest open-world action title unfolded in the online space. It feels more like a restricted playpen of controlled and heavily monitored chaos... save for when exploits are involved.

If you like what Ubisoft is doing with Watch Dogs, you won't have to wait but nary a month from now to get your hands on the game for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 when May 27th rolls around. The Wii U version will be set for release sometime this fall.

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