So after all that scuttle-butting and shifty-eyed PR talk, Ubisoft has moved away from using words to fight a war that only our eyes wanted to see, and they released a new trailer for Watch Dogs that somewhat aimed to prove that the PC version wasn't as downgraded as the console version of the game.

The only thing I could think of while watching the video was “Dat sun glare.”

There are some neat features that are sprouted up in the video – graphically – that we didn't quite see in the previous console trailers. The HBAO, which stands for Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, looked really good. It uses that aforementioned sun flare as a basis in which to reflect certain objects within the environment against other objects, creating more dynamic self-shadowing and per-object light reflections. In simple terms, it almost looks as good as GTA IV with the iCEnhancer turned on, and it's a more advanced technique to a get similar look to Sleeping Dogs when you were driving around at night.

Ubisoft's lead PC engineer for Watch Dogs, Paul Lassi, explains that...
“During the last few years of development, we have worked closely with Nvidia in order to create the most vivid and breathtaking Chicago possible, for the PC version of Watch Dogs

Typical PR statement, but it doesn't hinge entirely on bullshot deception and more word spinning than a spool of thread at a yarn factory. The reality is that the video at least coincides with what Ubisoft had mentioned previously, that the PC version would at least get its special treatment in the graphics department following the embarrassing display of downgraded graphics for the home consoles.

Even though everything looks marvelous in the video above, courtesy of DSO Gaming, I still can't help but think that it's not quite on par to that E3 2012 demo. Oh, how convenient... here it is right here for comparison purposes.

Anyway, I'm more interested in how well the Wii U version will play. We know that the consoles can't hold a candle to their PC counterpart, but gameplay is where the fun will reign supreme, right? Supposedly, Ubisoft is making good on the Wii U's secret sauce and they will aim to get some good things out of the system. I'm hoping that's true.

We'll find out how well the game really plays on PC and console when the last-gen, current-gen and PC builds release this May, while the Wii U version is set to arrive at a later date.

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