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Ubisoft has sent out another screenshot from their intriguing sandbox game Watch Dogs. The quality of the shot suggests that this game won't be released on this generation of consoles.

The image doesn't appear to show protagonist Aiden Pearce at all. Instead, it's just a look at the streets of Chicago. The amount of detail in the taxi in the foreground and the skyscrapers way in the back is really impressive.

Watch Dogs is scheduled for 2013, which is the same year that the next Xbox and PlayStation are expected to launch. This, coupled with the quality of the shot, makes a next-gen release seem likely. Ubisoft's coyness about platforms just adds fuel to the fire.

"Watch dogs will have a muti-platform release. I can't comment further at this time," said Ubisoft via the game's official Twitter account.

Microsoft and Sony have yet to announce their next consoles. Until they do, expect publishers to keep acting evasive.

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