Six new Watch Dogs screenshots were released by Ubisoft this morning. The images showcase Aiden Pearce's hacking skills while also introducing a new character.

The woman with piercings is named Clara Lille. She's said to have a "dark past" and "questionable methods." She's not shooting at Aiden so presumably she'll assist him on his vigilante quest.

Pearce can hack into the central operating system of Chicago to manipulate electronics. For example, he can download surveillance information on citizens to find out how likely they are to become victims of a violent crime. Or he can stop police pursuers by switching traffic lights or closing doors.

Not all of his methods are so high-tech, though. In one screenshot, we see him threatening someone at gunpoint. Previous shots have shown him beating up enemies with a baton.

Watch Dogs will launch on current-gen and next-gen consoles in November.

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