Coming off the recent trailer that showcases the age and decrepitude of today's generation of home consoles, Ubisoft released a new trailer filled with praise and honor from the Doritocracy, showering the game with all sorts of trailer-worthy quotes as the video makes it rather obvious that the visuals and next-gen mechanics are on full display.

You're not going to see a lot of story-oriented or context-based gameplay, instead you get to see Aiden shooting and running and hacking on the fly while avoiding law enforcement and doing what a super-spy usually does.

The trailer is a far cry from the current-gen trailer featuring Aiden tracking (and presumably killing?) Aisha Tyler. Instead of being laced in dated low-poly characters, sparse lighting and showcasing a lot of minor post-processing effects to cover up for the low graphics quality, we instead see full rain particle effects, clothes reacting to weather conditions, detailed faces with several dynamic lighting passes to give them a much more realistic look, and plenty of next-gen quality cars on display.

And just to jog your memory, here's just another reminder of what you'll be getting when you grab a current-gen copy of Watch Dogs for the PS3 or Xbox 360.

It's quite obvious that the people who decide to stick current gen will be getting a hugely gimped gameplay experience compared to the next-gen kiddies. However, some people still believe that the seven and eight year old tech can still hold a candle to the gaming capabilities of today's generation of technology.

However, it's sad when indie games made by garage developers can look just as good as an AAA title on the 360 or PS3. Need proof? Project Nimbus says “Hi”.

Anyway, Watch Dogs is shaping up to be a pretty big game and it's nice to see Ubisoft back on track to only showing the next-gen iterations of the game. They should have learned from EA with their marketing of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, insofar that you lead the console kiddies on with all the next-gen footage and only let the screenshot and video comparisons burst their bubbles when they go live on sites like Lens of Truth and Digital Foundry. You spare a lot of broken hearts that way before your game actually drops.

You can look for Watch Dogs to launch first for current-gen consoles and then the game will appear for next-gen consoles once they release. And just so you know, the Wii U and PC are in the next-gen category, in case you were wondering. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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