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Watch This Player Beat Dark Souls 3's First Boss Using Only A Dance Pad

One gamer has done the unthinkable: play Dark Souls III with a dance pad. As insane as it sounds (and physically taxing), he actually manages to do quite well against the first boss, Iudex Gundyr. There's even some video footage to prove that fancy footwork will go a long way in Dark Souls III.

The clip above was spotted by PC Gamer, which was recently posted on Rudeism's YouTube channel. The video originally came from his Twitch channel, also called Rudeism. It's part of his live-stream series covering a playthrough of From Software's Dark Souls III from start to finish using two dance pads. The successful attempt you see above comes after nearly 30 attempts at fighting the boss.

According to the video description this is actually the first time he's played a Dark Souls game, so that's not bad for him to be playing on two pads.

He uses the two pads so that he can conveniently make use of the multiple button configurations required to play Dark Souls III and get some spacing for hitting multiple buttons at once. He managed to get good at dodging and counter-attacking just with the dance pads alone. That's no easy feat.

One of the biggest problems with those pads is that the input timings weren't always accurate, and it made for some difficult gaming sessions for anything that wasn't Dance, Dance Revolution. I never found much use for the pad even with Dance, Dance Revolution, because it was just easier to play with the controller, since it provided more precise input timings.

Anyway, for the fight against Gundyr, Rudeism uses the auto lock-on so he can focus on just dodging and striking. In Dark Souls III you also have to watch your stamina, so you can't spam the dodge button. You also have to time your attacks so you aren't caught in the wide open to be slashed to pieces by enemies, so pick and roll becomes the order of the day.

To be playing on dance pads Rudeism doesn't do bad at all, even if he had to try more than 30 times to do so. In fact, some of the commenters on the thread noted that it took them more than a dozen times to beat Gundyr using a controller... one gamer in particular stated that it took him 17 tries with a DualShock 4. Despite Rudeism dying double the amount of times as the PS4 player, the fact that he was using dance pads is not bad at all considering how lousy those dance pads are for anything that isn't a dancing game.

Of course, most people commented on the YouTube page that it would likely take him forever to beat Dark Souls III if he planned on doing a full playthrough on just the pads.

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