Following shortly on the announcement that Way of the Samurai 4 is scheduled to release later this month exclusively for the PlayStation 3, XSeed games opened up a small hole in the flood gates of media assets to reveal a couple of in-game screenshots for the upcoming, localized port of the popular Japanese title.

The screenshots are pretty goofy looking, showcasing some odd action and weird circumstances, such as the guy being tortured in a watermill while wearing nothing but a man-diaper. That's quite an embarrassing way to be tortured, especially since it's by hot ninja samurai women. That just makes it worse.

Anyway, Gaming Everything posted up the screens and they mostly feature the oddities like the water torture mentioned above. Another shot seems to show the samurai in a strange pose either trying to kick at someone's head or perform one of the worst dance move transitions I've ever seen. What's more is that the character they chose for the screenshots looks pretty ridiculous so I'm guessing they went for the laugh-factor when releasing these screens.

The game itself is a player-driven, hack-and-slash RPG that takes place during the era of Feudal Japan. Players will get to create their own character, develop their own storyline through their own actions and non-linear quest-lines, as well as engage in some nifty sword-to-sword combat.

You can look for Way of the Samurai 4 to launch exclusively for the PS3 on August 21st. For more information feel free to visit the Official XSeed Games Website.

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