Are degrees of difficulty a thing that holds any interest to you?

Do games that become tedious on easy settings upset you? Do games that vastly change on the harder settings – offering a more ruthless and unforgiving AI – appeal to your tastes? Do you like a game that scales from being child's play to a refreshing sense of challenging interactive entertainment?

Would you be disappointed to find out that – despite being a fun beat 'em up – the game can sometimes become a bit tiresome as a beat 'em up?

Would you also be disappointed to find out that – despite being a fun beat 'em up – Knack is unable to pick up or use any of the enemy's weapons?

Could you live with a game that had some really standout moments but they were sometimes used far and few between, like the gliding sequences briefly sprinkled through Chapter 8 and the final level?

Should games resonate positively enough for you that you would want to play them again?

If a game is worth replaying would like it to contain additional items, characters and abilities for said characters, to unlock?

Would you find a game more appealing to know that littered throughout each level are additional artifacts and items to help unlock even more content, giving you a reason to replay the game multiple times over?

Do you find that co-op makes a game more replayable? Would you find that a game has more value with a drop-in and drop-out co-op mode that also works in tandem with the PS Vita's Remote Play?

If there were a major criticism for the game and it was that the main character, Knack, talks a bit too much and sounds too intimidating – even though, with all due respect, the voice actor does a superb job nonetheless – turn you off from buying or be willing to play the game?

Would the value of the game increase in your eyes if you learned that throughout the eight to ten hour gameplay experience, there are no glitches or obvious technical flaws?

Do games working right out of the box from start to finish feel like you're getting your money's worth?

Are you drawn to games with strong sleeper-hit appeal and cult-classic propensity?

Despite seeming like a late PS3 title, would a game that evolves into what you might classify as a “next-generation” game something you feel would justify your purchase?

And in light of everything you've been tasked to question, at the $60 price tag – and containing nothing particularly innovative nor anything remarkably standout – does a game steeped in nostalgia and harkening back to a bygone era, with an endearing story and an infectious set of characters and gameplay elements, seem like a fun game to you? Well... does it?

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