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One of the less-covered games shown during the PS4 announcement event this week was Knack. Knack is a PS4 exclusive in development at SCE Japan. New screenshots will give you a closer look at the action-platformer.

Knack depicts a war between mankind and Goblins. The titular creature Knack may be man's best hope in this conflict. Knack is made up of ancient alien relics. He starts off as a 3-foot weakling but as he finds more relics over time and absorbs them into his body, he'll become larger and larger. He'll gain new abilities as he grows as well.

Sony has been talking up Knack quite a bit. Director Mark Cerny said earlier this week that they hope the game will be as fun as classic PlayStation action-platformers like Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank. He likened the gameplay to Bandicoot, Katamari Damacy and God of War.

The release window for Knack isn't clear. The fact that Sony lead off their PS4 presentation with a look at the game suggests it might be a launch title, though. The PS4 is expected to release in November.