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Bungie recently revealed that they're going to replace Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage in Destiny. In a new video interview, they explained why they're recasting Dinklage's role.

Nolan North, best known as the voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted, will play the role of Ghost in The Taken King. Dinklage's existing voiceover for earlier game content will also be replaced.

Although many Destiny players found Dinklage's voice work to be lackluster in the game, executive producer Mark Noseworthy says that the casting change isn't due to the backlash. He told Game Informer that there was a more mundane reason: scheduling.
Dinklage was awesome to work with but we needed to work with someone who is more available. Nolan is a pro, this is his thing.

You can just call him up and say 'hey, next week we're doing this internal play test and it would be great to get some Ghost dialogue in there'. And he's available.

Bungie needed a voice actor with more availability because The Taken King will explain Ghost's role considerably. He'll tell players additional information about the game's universe when they scan key locations. Furthermore, Ghost will be a more important part of the story.

I'm curious how much this casting change will actually affect Destiny. I don't think you can put all the blame on Dinklage for how underwhelming Ghost was. He's just one part of a wider development process. He was reading dialogue someone else wrote and someone signed off on his performance before it was included in the game.

Plus, let's not forget how bland every character in Destiny was. There was a serious lack of personality from beginning to end in the game. Much of the problem stems from structure of the story. Bungie only included a bare minimum of cutscenes and dialogue so no character had much of a chance to make an impression. Players were forced to learn about lore through the text on Grimoire cards, which could only be read outside of the game. Allegedly the thin story was due to some serious cuts by Bungie late in the game's development.

Fortunately, Bungie hopes to fix that problem in The Taken King as well. There will be more cutscenes during the expansion to move the story along. Furthermore, there will be dialogue between characters during missions rather than just voiceover from one.

Destiny The Taken King will launch on September 15th for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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