CD Projekt Red released a new in-engine cinematic for The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition coming out soon for the Xbox 360, and it features Geralt of Rivia amping up and getting ready to face some very dark creatures.

The cinematic is very well done and it's a prime showcase of how technically superior the Red Engine happens to be compared to many other engines out there when it comes to handling cinematics. They could have very well have made a full-fledged movie based on how aesthetically rich the Red Engine can render characters, environments and objects. It's all in the subtlety. You can check out the in-engine cinematic below.

While it wasn't gameplay it was definitely well done, and it just goes to show gamers that mammoth budgets aren't always necessary to create startling works of art.

The Witcher 2 will see players adventuring in a dark and dangerous world with a captivating, non-linear storyline and choices that aren't always crystal clear, putting players to the test with morally ambiguous situations. The game also sports some very, very, very fluent and dynamic combat that hack-and-slash fans will appreciate.

You can look for The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition to land on store shelves for the Xbox 360 on April 17th. And even though The Witcher 2: Dark Edition is sold out, gamers can still pre-order the title from the Official Website.

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