CD Projekt RED's long awaited console port of their famed adult-themed RPG, The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition has finally become available for the Xbox 360 home entertainment console. In other words, a bunch of horny teenage boys can now look at all the 3D boobies they want, right from the comfort of their Xbox 360...oh yeah, and there's also the great gameplay and graphics, too.

The Witcher 2 follows Geralt of Rivia as he seeks out the Kingslayer, a powerful man who is skilled in both magic and the art of wielding a weapon. The game follows a non-linear path to the end results, giving players the freedom of choice to shape and mold the story to their liking. CD Projekt even tacked on 12 additional subplot endings to help give gamers a much more satisfying means of closure to the events that took place throughout the journey.

Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt RED studio commented on the release of the game, saying...
“This is our first console game, and I’m very excited to bring The Witcher 2 to Xbox 360; it’s one of the most mature and best-looking games on this platform,” ... “But we haven’t forgotten about our current PC players – owners of the game on PC can download the Enhanced Edition update from our webpage for free. I want to invite all new Witcher fans to – we’ve proven several times that fan feedback is important, so tell us what you think of our game.”

The original limited Dark Edition of the game completely sold out in North America for the Xbox 360, showing that gamers really are willing to support devs who go out of their way to provide the most content they can within the development cycle, as opposed to stripping out content and locking it behind a pay-wall.

PC owners who already own The Witcher 2 are entitled to upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for free. Yes, you're entitled to upgrading to the Enhanced Edition for free. I don't think IGN will have any problems with that...or at least they shouldn't.

You can pick up the REDEngine-powered RPG, which is rated 'M' for Mature, for only $59.99 for the Xbox 360, right now from your local retailer. For further information on the game feel free to visit the Official Witcher Website.

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