CD Projekt Red has a really, really awesome final promo trailer for The Witcher 3 featuring the song “Oats” from the folksy sound of Ben Howard. The music is set against a visual collage that pieces together the story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt without anyone uttering a single word. Talk about brilliant visual choreography... CD Projekt nailed it down hard with this trailer. Check it out below, courtesy of GamesHQ.

The music, the visuals and the slick editing all combine to make for a nice bit of storyboard pacing for the trailer. We're introduced to Geralt making his way through the Northern realms, we then get a quick flashback of Ciri – a protege of Geralt that we see in training as Yennefer, one of Geralt's love interests looking on – teleporting into a swamp where she's taking in by the witches of the bog. In the meantime, Geralt plays detective as he attempts to track down Ciri before the wrong people get their hands on her.

Wounded and on the run, players will occasionally take control of Ciri during the flashback sequences to help flesh out the story for the character. In one of the developer demonstration videos we see when Geralt comes across the witches in the bog and has to perform a quest for them in order to find out what they did with Ciri.

The rest of the trailer shows a bit more of the characters in the game's world as well as some of the baddies that Geralt will encounter throughout his travels in The Witcher 3.

This is the first major open-world game from CD Projekt Red so they have a lot riding on the success of this game to determine whether or not they're cut out to hang in the open-world genre with the likes of Rockstar and BioWare. Based on the million or so pre-orders that The Witcher 3 accrued well before its release it's almost safe to say that the game will definitely be a pretty huge success.

CD Projekt has worked very hard to re-work the combat system after tons of complaints about the combat in The Witcher and Witcher 2, so the game is a lot more intuitive, fast and convenient for casual gamers as opposed to the high-end learning curve present in the original game.

There are also plenty of side-quests and lots of things to discover just by venturing around in the game's massive open world. In addition to side-quests there are also tons of mini-games to keep the action and interactivity fresh and flowing. The mini-games also help expand on the game's bare minimum 25 hour play time and average 60 hour play time. That's right, the minimum play time for the game is 25 hours and according to some the game can extend for up to 200 hours. This means that it's unlikely that anyone who purchases The Witcher 3 will get bored quick with the game.

For everyone who pre-loaded the game after pre-ordering it from eligible digital distributors, you can download the day-one patch and start playing The Witcher 3 right now. For everyone else who didn't pre-order the game, you'll have to wait like everyone else to pick the game up starting tomorrow, May 19th, to get your hands on the game.
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