Witcher 3 Xbox One Version Crippled By Save Bug

Xbox One owners are having a real hard time with The Witcher 3. Some are encountering a bug that prevents them from properly saving or loading their progress.

The issue seems to manifest in different ways. In some cases, players are given an error message that says, "You cannot save your game right now" when they try to manually save their progress. Other players report infinite loading screens when trying to restart a previous save file. Auto saving seems to be intermittently disabled as well.

This kind of bug would be a major problem for most games. However, for an RPG of The Witcher 3's size, it's catastrophic. It's easy to spend hours at a time journeying through the open world and questing. The thought of losing all that progress is terrifying.

The development team at CD Projekt RED promised on their forum to address the issue.

"We are aware of the issue and treat it very seriously," said one of the developers. "We hope to put the fix in a patch as soon as possible."

In the meantime, the developers provided a couple workarounds to Game Informer. The first involves clearing your cache:

- Power down your console- Unplug the power cable from the back of the Xbox One.- Wait for two minutes- Plug the power cable back into the back of the Xbox One- Monitor the power brick, waiting for it to cycle from a white light to an orange light- Turn the power on.

The other solution involves removing the save files on your Xbox One and then swapping in the cloud saves. To do so, go to your console's settings and clear your local saved games. When you restart The Witcher 3, the game should resync with progress from the cloud.

However, this second option obviously only works if you've got cloud saves enabled. You can do this by going to Settings > System > Storage > Cloud Saved Games and then selecting "Enable Cloud Saved Games." This feature requires an Internet connection, an Xbox Live Gold membership and 514 megabytes of free storage space. Make sure you enable cloud saves before removing your local files or you'll lose your progress altogether.

Although the console versions of The Witcher 3 haven't received any patches yet, the PC version has received a couple thus far. This is at least partly because Xbox One and PS4 patches need to be certified by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. CD Projekt can deploy patches on PC much quicker as a result. Hopefully console owners will get some relief in the near future as well though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.