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The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, the PS3/Xbox 360 remake of the 2007 PC RPG The Witcher, has hit a major snag. WideScreen revealed today that they have suspended development of the game.

"After having a payment being broken by CD Projekt - a big payment that we were supposed to receive - and after having committed to the project but not being covered financially on it for three months, I hold no choice but to put the team on hold,” WideScreen head Olivier Masclef told VG247. Masclef went on to mention that White Wolf team has been reassigned to other projects.

“I don’t know. I can’t find a financial solution by myself,” he said when asked if the game would be completed. “I don’t own the IP - CD Projekt owns the IP and Atari owns the distribution rights.”

White Wolf was slated for a 2009 release. It was said to include a new graphics engine and revamped combat system.

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