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Wolfenstein 3D Graphics, Gameplay Updated Thanks To Wolfram

A new shareware rendition of the classic id Software FPS, Wolfenstein 3D, has been remade and re-released with all the latest graphical and gameplay mechanics of today's generation of gaming, including advanced lighting and shaders and weapon ironsights. The name of the game? Wolfram.

Indie Gaming Mag is reporting that Chain Studios has been hard at work on the modded redo of the classic first-person shooter for only four months. They managed to compile all 10 levels of the original shareware rendition of the game into Wolfram and have released it for free (yes, back in the day you had as many levels in the shareware version of a game as you get in today's $60 full priced games.)

Wolfram has full rendered 3D models, weapons and environments. All the treasures and goodies that made id Software's original so fun make a return, including B.J. Blazkowicz' hilarious facial degradation gestures attached to his health-meter. You can check out a gameplay promo trailer below.

Wolfram Teaser - Mod DB

Another neat feat is that Chain Studios has a rather small set of system requirements, requiring only 1ghz CPU and 512MB of RAM and any graphics card with 64MB of VRAM or higher. This is thanks to the rendering capabilities of the Volatile3D II Engine and Chain Studios making sure that the game doesn't have a lot of unoptimized bloat.

The entire download for the game is just under 200MB so it's not a hard-drive hog, and if you're willing to play some nostalgic shooting from the Golden Era of gaming, but with all the bells and whistles of today's generation of special effects and gameplay mechanics, feel free to check out Wolfram over at the Official Mod Site.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.