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If you enjoy World of Tanks on PC or if you've never played it on PC, Microsoft and are giving you the opportunity to play and enjoy the game on Xbox 360, so long as you have an Xbox Live Gold account. Now that the company has done away with Microsoft Points, you'll be able to easily and efficiently purchase Gold status and Marketplace items for real-world currency value.

All of the high-end tank-blasting action that made the game so popular and loved on PC will transfer over onto the Xbox 360. The game will be duly adjusted to make full use of the Xbox 360's popular controller interface, and gamers will be able to engage in 15 on 15 battles like it was no one's business.

Tank customization, friends list, guilds and clans, as well as unlockables and cash shop items will make the full leap from the free-to-play PC counterpart to the Xbox 360 rendition. And the best part about it, is that if you're already paying $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold, you'll be granted permission to play the game for free...just like the PC version.

Unfortunately, for people who are poor enough not to afford Xbox Live Gold, you will be forfeited from accessing or playing World of Tanks on Xbox 360. I mean, you can't expect to be able to play a game for free do you? I mean, in what world can you game on a platform completely free of charge? I mean, you think Microsoft is running a charity? If you can't pay the bills then you can't play the game.

Anyone who doesn't like the plutocracy of Microsoft will just have to settle for the consumer-friendly republic of Steam.

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