Wreck-it Ralph opens in theaters across the country today, taking movie-goers on a journey of adventure and discovery as a famous video game villain abandons his game in order to find his true calling as a hero. Along the way, Ralph tries his hand at several other video games, so its appropriate that he would start popping up in the most unexpected of places. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, for instance.

Joining the likes of Shinobi, the dwarf from Golden Axe and one of the unhinged drivers from Crazy Taxi, Wreck-it Ralph comes equipped with his own transforming vehicle. Appropriately enough, it's a big red truck with a wrecking ball attached and, when it transforms into a boat or a helicopter, little 8-bit visuals and noises pop out.

This is a mascot tradeoff I can really get behind. We knew from some of the earliest Wreck-it Ralph trailers that Sonic would be one of the many legendary video game icons to make an appearance in the film. We only found out recently through screenshots, however, that the character sharing would go both ways. Now we get to see Ralph in action and, yep, he makes a perfect addition to Sega's upcoming character-driven arcade racer.

You can see Wreck-it Ralph in theaters starting today. Then, on Dec. 11, he'll join the cast of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.

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