Wreck-it Ralph hits theaters today and, to celebrate, a movie tie-in iOS game has also been released, offering gamers on the go a chance to dive into three mini-games based on the film.

Since Wreck-it Ralph takes place within an arcade, it’s only appropriate that the tie-in iOS game be a gaming arcade of sorts, offering three titles hailing from very different genres.

First up is Fix-it Felix Jr., the iOS version of the game taken right out of the movie. Players will guide Fix-it Felix up a building, trying to repair Ralph’s damage and avoid thrown bricks before rallying the building’s tenants to overthrow the hulking Ralph.

The second game is Hero’s Duty, again inspired by one of the movie’s gaming worlds. Players will guide their soldier around an enclosed space, blasting baddies in a twin-stick shooter.

Finally, there’s Sweet Climber, which sees Ralph thrown into an endless climber, trying to get as high as possible.

All of this can be yours for $0.99 on the >iOS store. An Android version is inbound, but no word yet on a release date.

With more games coming down the pipeline as DLC, your mobile trips to Game Central Station could keep you occupied for quite some time. Now go see the movie already.

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