There's only one day left before we ring in the New Year, which means you're running out of time to take advantage of the Xbox Live Arcade's Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal promotion. It's Day 13 of the sale and gamers can save 50 percent on a collection of five fighting games.

Well, technically there are only four fighting games in today's discounted selections. The fourth is an action-oriented tower defense game, but when you're only being asked to pay half as much as you normally would for something like Dungeon Defenders, it's hard to get too stuck on the details.

As usual, Major Nelson announced today's Countdown to 2013 Daily Deals on his blog, stating that all five of the day's (sort of) fighting titles would be half off.

As I mentioned above, we'll kick things off with the awesome tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders. Players get to lay their own traps and battle the invading baddies in real time, so it could be argued that Dungeon Defenders is kind of like a fighting game, right? Anyway, it's been knocked down to 600 MSP for today only, so fighting game or no, you better act fast if you want to get it on the cheap.

There's no arguing whether or not the rest of the days titles are actually fighting games. Coming from some of the best known franchises in the genre, as well as a newcomer in the four-player brawl category, you'll be punching and kicking for quite some time if you swipe all of these games at their newly reduced rate. Both Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Street Fighter 3 Online Edition have been marked down to 600 MSP whle Mortal Kombat Arcade and Dungeon Fighter LIVE can both be yours for just 400 MSP.

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