Xbox 360: Shadowrun Facts And Features Part I

Okay, so it’s established that this game is not the same as it was way back in the yesteryear of gaming. But let’s also acknowledge that the name sure is deceiving. Maybe they just should have called it something else, like ‘Magic Land’ or ‘Shooter Game’. Eh, well maybe not. Still, here’s the low-down on the facts about the game.

In a classic story that takes place in a future Brazil, a Mega-corporation trying to harness magical powers collides in war with an ancient people that don’t want them to have it. In the midst of this brain-heavy story, players will simply do a lot of shooting, killing and maiming. I don’t think anyone is up for complaining. Between each deathmatch round players can upgrade their character stats or purchase new equipment, etc.

Lately, though, this 16-player online deathmatch fest is building some momentum in its popularity, and we’re just here to fuel that spark of interest. Below are the facts for the game.

Facts And Features:

What are the gametypes?

Shadowrun has three different gametypes. These are Raid, Extraction and Attrition.

• Raid: The Raid gametype requires the attacking team to capture a magical artifact and deliver it to the extraction area.

• Extraction: In Extraction the artifact starts in the center of the map. Each team wants to bring the artifact to a separate extraction area on the opposite side of the map from where they start.

• Attrition: Attrition is basically a game of team deathmatch, however there is no respawn. The only way to come back into a specific round is to be resurrected by a teammate.

How many weapons can I carry at the same time?

Two plus grenades.

What are the different weapons?

• Pistol: Low power, relatively accurate, single shot per trigger pull. Your starting weapon and the weapon of last resort.

• SMG: Decent power, moderate accuracy, fully automatic, better up close than at a distance. A good all-around weapon.

• Rifle: High power, high accuracy, single shot, one level of zoom. A good long range weapon.

• Shotgun: Damage varies from extreme up close to very low at distance, single shot. A strong close in weapon.

• Katana: Melee only weapon, deals extreme damage to unaware enemies. Good for sneaky attacks from behind. When wielding the Katana you are in a third person view.

• Minigun: Moderate power, good accuracy, fully automatic, must spin up before shots are fired. A good close to medium range weapon if you have time to spin up; can put out a huge number of bullets before having to reload.

• Sniper Rifle: Extreme power, extreme accuracy, single shot, two levels of zoom, can only be fired while zoomed. Head shots deal extra damage.

• Rocket Launcher: High area damage, moderate to low accuracy, fires a slow, wire-guided projectile. Can clear areas and kill multiple enemies at once, though it takes a steady hand and oftentimes some luck to use.

• Grenades: Each player starts with two grenades per round. Grenades do high damage but are hard to aim. Unlike the other weapons grenades can be used while carrying another weapon in your main hand.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.