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Xbox Live Accounts Deleted Through E-mail Expiration

Xbox 360 owners pride themselves on their Gamerscore but some gamers have lately discovered that their Gamertags have been deleted along with all their Achievements. The problem apparently stems from their email.

According to, email services like Hotmail that automatically delete inactive accounts are to blame for Gamertags being deleted. When the email address provided to set up an Xbox Live account is deleted, the Gamertag is discarded as well.

"The only alternative is to set up a new Gamertag with your preferred email address," said a Microsoft customer service rep to GI. Microsoft is looking into the problem now but apparently there's no way to recover the lost Achievements. While I'd like to say "Who gives a crap about fake-ass video game achievements? Go outside!", I can't deny that I'd be pretty annoyed if this happened to me. Gaming is weird like that.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.