Microsoft is just rolling in the money now. The company's Xbox division seems to be hitting multiple strides, with the Xbox 360 console, Xbox Live and even the Kinect. New data shows that the Live Arcade alone has brought in more than $144 million for MS throughout 2011.

According to XBLA Fans, the Live Arcade's top sellers were Castle Crashers and From Dust, each bringing in a very, very respectable $4.6 million each. That's pretty impressive given that these games were made on pretty small budgets. What's more is that there's very little operating costs attached to the Live Arcade as opposed to the retail division, so it's mostly all profits for those involved.

A top list of the best sellers was also let loose, with Full House Poker topping the charts having more than 375,000 units sold digitally throughout 2011, followed closely by Castle Crashers with 335,000 and Fruit Ninja for Kinect rounding out the top three with more than 324,000 digital units sold.

You can get a complete rundown of the figures and how much each game costs compared to how much it sold over at XBLA Fans. I get the feeling that 2012 may be an even bigger year for the XBLA given that there will be some pretty big heavy hitters landing on the digital market later in the year.

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