They say when you fall down you brush yourself off and get back up. They say when you fall down a second or third time that you still get back up and brush yourself off. Well, the people saying that are probably part of the marketing team at Microsoft who consistently found ways to trip up the launch of the Xbox One in ways that will go down in history as one of the most controversial product launches, ever.

The latest propaganda video for the Xbox One isn't something new but rather a retrospective on many of those aforementioned trip-ups that led up to the Xbox One becoming somewhat of a stained blight in the eyes of public. On the upside, at least Microsoft has all of 2014 to completely reverse the trend.

The video captures some of the key moments throughout 2013 that helped shape and define what a lot of the core community thought and reacted to strongly about the Xbox One: from the strong focus of television media during the May 21st reveal, to the unveiling of the system's DRM, to the PC system crashing, revealing that some of the Xbox One games were actually running on Windows 7 PCs with Nvidia GTX cards, Microsoft had a terrible year as far as PR went for the Xbox One.

There are also some moments missing, such as the epic blunder that was former Microsoft executive Don Mattrick telling people who didn't have broadband to stick with an Xbox 360. There's also some missing bits before the summer of 180s where Microsoft maintained a policy that enforced all Xbox One owners to keep Kinect plugged in and turned on at all times in order to use the Xbox One at all.

The troubles of Microsoft extended up to launch and little past it with some other troubling issues, including the DRM breakdown that occurred at a Killer Instinct tournament, the smoking Xbox One units, the Green Screens of Death and the occasional RAM overflow problem.

Of course, in the interest of fairness and sharing butthurt equally, the PlayStation crowd had their own problems to deal with coming out of the gate – though there was little of anything noteworthy preceding launch – with a huge Foxconn scandal that headlined the news quite a bit during the PS4's launch and some jet engine noises from consoles that were believed to be overheating.

Nevertheless, there's no doubting that the Xbox One had a pretty terrible 2013 as far as marketing and promotion goes. As mentioned, in the interest of fairness, if you found a funny compilation video of the PS4 or Wii U failing hard like its counterpart, feel free to post it in the comment section below and maybe we'll make an article out of it.

In the meantime, hopefully Microsoft uses 2013 as an opportunity to unveil and upscale their presence in 2014; potentially returning some of the prestige that used to be attached to the Xbox brand during the original Xbox and Xbox 360's tenure.

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