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Xbox One may be available in a second color starting this fall. Sunset Overdrive developer Imsomniac Games indicated that a new model of their console could be bundled with the open-world title.

NeoGAF users noticed the tease during a livestreamed Q&A from RTX 2014. Here's a transcript of the exchange between a gamer and Insomniac:
Q: "This game looks amazing and I pretty much know I'm going to be buying an Xbox One for this game so do you know by any chance if there will be an Xbox One skin -- special edition type thing?"

A: "Stay tuned!"

Here's the video from the conference in case you've got any doubts. The talk about an Xbox One limited edition comes around the 22:02:00 mark.

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Microsoft only sells the Xbox One and its controllers in black at the moment. They've created other models on special occasions, though. The entire Xbox One team received white versions of the console on launch. The Titanfall developers, meanwhile, got Xbox One consoles with a black, white and orange paintjob. Microsoft also produced 50 silver Xbox Ones for charity auctions before Super Bowl XLVIII.

Sunset Overdrive's release this fall presents a good opportunity for another limited edition Xbox One. Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive that's shaping up really well. However, it's a brand-new IP arriving in a competitive holiday season. It actually has the same release date as Assassin's Creed Unity, a fellow open-world game that could be one of the fall's best-selling titles. Releasing Sunset Overdrive with a custom Xbox One color could give the game's sales a big lift.

It's anyone's guess what a custom Sunset Overdrive Xbox One console would look like. The game has a colorful and distinctive art style that could be employed with the console's paint job. For example, the console's appearance could be modeled after the bright orange energy drink Overcharge Delirium XT at the center of the game's plot.

Another possibility is that Microsoft will bundle Sunset Overdrive with a white Xbox One. I'm sure that the employee-only white Xbox One whet many gamers' appetites. It's only a matter of time before Microsoft begins selling that version of the console to the public. Why not do it this fall and help boost the profile of an Xbox One exclusive in the process?

If you haven't heard much about Sunset Overdrive, check out our preview from E3. The game will launch worldwide on October 28th.

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