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If you thought that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were in the clear, that all the launch issues were hanging out like laundry on the line during a hot summer's day in Middlesboro, Kentucky. However, there are still issues persisting with both consoles, but one issue in particular seems to have cropped up out of nowhere.

So we all know about some Xbox One consoles having an entity identity crisis and believing that it's Cookie Monster, except instead of eating cookies the console chews up discs. We also know full well about the Green Screen of Death and how the Xbox seems fascinated with looking at its own boot up screen, like a teenager fascinated with selfies. But what we didn't know about was the controller disconnection issues, where the system doesn't recognize the wireless controllers. It's like a parent refusing to believe that their red-headed kid is their own, or certain parts of America refusing to believe that Barack Obama is the President.

According to a report from Betanews, the author of the article is also the victim in question... a victim amongst many. So what crime was committed against these innocent gamers? Well, the Xbox One seems to refuse to acknowledge that gloriously sexy controller. Why? I don't know, but it's been the bane for many frustrations and has culled up another small group of angry gamers mounting more criticisms on Microsoft, in addition to the large amount of criticisms already mounted against them.

As noted in the article on Betanews...
“Thinking it was only a problem with the individual controller, I went to my local Gamestop and purchased two more only to find that they too had the exact same problem. The fact that the Xbox support site already had a couple of support pages about this matter (keep in mind, this is still day one, 11/22) made me a little nervous that this may be a bigger problem.

“Microsoft's suggested fixes include the typical restarting the console, syncing via USB cable, and removing objects that are between the wireless controller and the console, such as microwave ovens, shelving units, doors on an entertainment cabinet and wireless routers. Ultimately none of this appears to solve the problem for users like myself.”

Further down in the comments section – beyond the trolling and typical fanboy banter that we usually don't engage in, because we're classy like that – one user actually manages to list a quick troubleshooting solution for the controller disconnection issue, which, so far, can only be remedied by keeping the wireless controlled plugged into the USB slot of the Xbox One.

According to the user, Keboard Kowboy...
Here are the steps I took:

1.) Power off the Xbox One (Power Saving Mode).
2.) Plug in controller via USB cable.
3.) Unplug the Kinect cable from the console.
4.) Plug Kinect cable back into console.
5.) Power on console.
6.) Run the Kinect Setup.
7.) Fixed!

If you're having trouble getting the Xbox One to synch to the wireless controller, you can try out the steps above. The other solutions on the forums apparently didn't work out too well. No word yet on what the actual problem might be, but according to the article some users who traded in their consoles still ran into the problem, so it could be something either software, firmware or controller related.

If Microsoft offers an explanation, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Poor Xbox One, it seems like a boat where Microsoft is constantly trying to get the water out of its leaky hull. Hopefully they can plug up all the holes before Christmas time. Meanwhile the PS4 is speeding along like a Kyosho Jetsream, and the Wii U seems to be owning up like a million dollar Grand Cru yacht.

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