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[Update: Microsoft confirms their official policies for the Xbox One]

The official Phase II campaign for #NoDRM is now underway at Neogaf. The industry forum board has rallied together, built up two websites and are now taking it full fledged Road Warrior to the Xbox One's DRM...a last ditch effort before Microsoft gives the full policy rundown at E3 on June 10th.

With just five days to make a big impression, Neogaf pulled out all the stops. They lay down the law on their websites, championing a return to the classical form of home console entertainment. Just like every other gamer out there, we all just want to play our games the way we've always played our games.

Headed up by Pete Dodd, the campaign has reached over 175 websites and counting. The movement even managed to get picked up by CNN in an extended article that actually covered the pressing issues surrounding what sort of effect the Xbox One's DRM could have on not just the gaming industry, but the tech industry at large.

For those that don't know, the Xbox One's policies include a mandatory 24 hour check-in to ensure that you're not playing any illegal or unapproved copies of software. There are used game license fees, with the only financially appealing part on the customer's end being that if you want to trade/borrow games without paying anything, you would have to contact Microsoft through the Azure service and have the license deactivated on your account so that someone else could temporarily attach the license to their account. There's also the issue of Kinect, which is always-on to provide some level of convenience in the low power state, however many have deemed it an invasive breach of privacy. In some regards, the Xbox One is like SOPA in a box.

Sony has already stated that the PS4 will be able to play used games. And when peppered with the #NoPS4DRM campaign from Neogaf, many of their top executives responded with “We are listening” and the company later reiterated to Kotaku that they would not be using DRM like the Xbox One.

What's more is that there is an unlikely supporter of the movement, and it's CD Projekt's own digital distribution portal, Good Old games, recently tweeting that...
“Hey, #ps4nodrm & #xboxonenodrm we hope you succeed. It is possible! #NoDRM was, and always will be an important part of @GOGcom!”

The movement sees the gaming community trying to preserve some sense of ownership; collectors wanting to keep games they can actually collect and gamers who simply want to continue to support a hobby that's supposed to be about fun, have all banded together to show they will not support the Xbox One with its current policies in place.

There are plenty of supporters for Microsoft's Xbox brand, and hopefully they, too, make the right decision so that gaming as a whole is not affected in a negative way from some of these policies. Richie King from Gather Your Party also lays on the logic thick, as to why these practices will only further hurt the industry instead of helping it, explaining how these restrictions will damage more than just the likes of Gamestop in the process.

With E3 just around the corner, feel free to tweet #XboxOneNoDRM and #PS4NoDRM to continue to get the message across and let the industry know that you do not support the direction of used game license fees, mandatory check-ins or an always-on security check system.

For more information be sure to visit the official #XboxOneNoDRM website to find out how you can get your voice heard by Microsoft and other large third-party publishers.