Everybody likes to see their favorite game consoles get new features, so Xbox One fans would be really excited for a collection of updates that will soon roll out for Microsoft’s gaming box. We’re talking new Party functionality, the ability to compare your Gamerscore to others more freely and tons more.

The folks over at Xbox Wire today announced a bunch of details surrounding the latest features being plugged into the Xbox One, which are actually due to start rolling out on the console later this month. And by “this month,” I mean the updates will start going live in waves as of today. So if you’re not too busy playing Halo or Rocket League, now might be a good time to check and see if you’re already up to date with the new changes.

If your Xbox One isn’t already one of the cool new kids, then here’s a rundown of some of the features you can expect within the new update.

For starters, you can now see who is in a Party before jumping in with a group. You know that one guy, Jeff? You remember how you just can’t stand playing online games with that guy? Well, now you can make sure he isn’t a part of the party before joining up. No more Jeff!

Perhaps the feature to get the most attention, however, will be the one that lets folks obsess over Achievements and their Gamerscore more than ever, Gamerscore Leadersboards. You can compare your Achievements with all of your friends and even take part in a monthly race to see who can collect the most points on a regular basis.

There will also be quite a few smaller tweaks on offer that are still much appreciated. You can re-arrange Pins on the home screen now and even access them when offline. The Activity Feed is getting a facelift, and you’ll also be able to hide games on your “Ready to Install” list, something I’ve been begging for on the PlayStation 4 since I first realized you couldn’t remove betas, demos and the like from your library. I mean, seriously, Sony? Steal this one, please.

Going the other direction in regards to functionality parity, you’ll now have easier access to a “Use a Code” button in the Xbox One Store, making redeeming games and gift cards that much easier. There will also be Twitch broadcast joining functionality, as well as the ability to program the hotkeys for your Xbox One Chatpad.

Some of these updates will affect the Xbox One and the Xbox app, including the new Avatar Store and feeds for Xbox News and even an accessories app that lets you adjust things like your Elite controller on the fly.

If you’ve managed to get the update rolling on your console, be sure to let us know what you think of the changes in the comments section below.
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