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The November update for Xbox One will introduce backwards compatibility to the console. However, Microsoft revealed today that there are several other features included with the update as well.

The console's user interface will get a significant overhaul. A new Guide, accessed by pushing left or double-tapping your Xbox button, will let you use many popular functions. You can start a party, change your settings, check your friends list and more.

The Home screen is also being revamped to make sharing achievements and game clips faster. You can also easily tell whether your friends are playing the same game as you. Central hubs for games with news and updates are accessible with one click.

A new Community section of Xbox Live, meanwhile, enhances all the social features you probably don't care about. You can track your friends activity or the latest events in your favorite games. A Trending page shows you the most popular posts by Xbox Live users.

New Xbox One interface

The OneGuide, the interface for watching video content, also has a new trending section so you can see the most-viewed shows. Featured movies, shows and videos from your various apps will likewise be highlighted. TV listings will pop up faster and can be viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

Microsoft made a pass at the Xbox Store as well. The store's been divided into four sections: Games, Movies & TV, Apps, and Music. Purchases will be further spotlighted with categories such as Staff Picks, Top Played, Top Rated and more.

Backwards compatibility is obviously the largest addition in the November update, though. This feature will allow Xbox One owners to play over 100 Xbox 360 games on their console for no additional charge. Microsoft will add backwards compatibility to other 360 titles over time. Both digital and physical copies of Xbox 360 games will work. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will be able to play multiplayer together on the same game. While playing 360 games on Xbox One, you'll also have access to streaming and screenshot capture features.

While the update won't be out until "early November," members of the Xbox Preview program will get access soon. Microsoft plans to invite players in waves. The testers who have sent out the most feedback in the past will get invitations first. Keep an eye out for an Xbox Live message with instructions on how to register.