There are a number of people who have come forward to (including recent video footage) lament the poor state of the Xbox One's OS and UI issues. In fact, the issue has become so bad that everyone is now on their toes wondering if the Xbox One will be Xbox Done when it launches on November 22nd.

Gearnuke first spotted a post by Peter Dodd, the infamous insider from NeoGaf who goes by the handle of 'FamousMortimer', where Dodd stated the following about the Xbox One's OS on his website, DoddScientifics...
The short story is that Xbox Live and the OS, especially in functions that involve XBL, are a complete fucking mess. One source says we aren’t talking weeks until it works correctly but “months.” Things like parties dropping people when moving from one thing to another. Connectivity issues. Missed invites. Friend requests not working, etc.

The comment from Dodd echoes identical sentiments of shared disappointment that spawned from the recent Xbox One video that shows the system crashing repeatedly on boot-up.

This has caused many gamers to become fretful of the Xbox One's potential ability to work right out of the box, and many gamers took to Twitter to challenge Microsoft's corporate vice president, Phil Spencer (not to be confused with Mr. Clean's cousin, Phil Harrison) over the Xbox One's OS functionality.

Xbox One News came crying to Spencer for an edict of refutation on behalf of Microsoft, to stop the spread of vicious rumors that have become "toxic" and supposed misconstrued entities of information. However, Spencer – light on his feet like a ballerina during Swan Lake – textually evaded the confrontation with the following retort...

Well, of course anyone can post a video but not anyone can post a video like this...

Oh wait, that video is from the media tour where Microsoft is going around showing off the Xbox One units. Oh... fail.

This fiasco is only part of a compounded mound of visceral, information vomit that reeks of the stench of Xbox One... or should I say, the Xbox 720p?

Sadly, Microsoft has never had an answer to any of the negative media news in comparison to Sony and the PS4, and the mini 'M' has had their backs up against the wall; scared like little kittens facing a pit bull, or fear-entrenched witless, like Floyd Mayweather fearing a fight against Manny Pacquiao: no matter how much money is thrown at the situation, the one expected to lose will always be the lesser of the two.

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