Cover your eyes core gamers, what you're about to read about your casual gaming brethren will make you cringe. But according to a Goo Technology survey, 52% of Americans like playing games on their browsers and 85% of gamers who own a mobile or smart device would prefer playing their games anywhere... even while having sex.

The Goo survey queried 2,000 Americans 18 years of age and older back in September. What they found was that of the 52% that played browser-based games, 52% were single while 48% were a married couple.

What's more is that out of the 85% of people who have played browsers games, 49% felt that they were more appealing than current generation home consoles and upcoming new generation consoles because they aren't as expensive. Ahaha... right, because you can get a game like inFamous: Second Son or Ryse on your browser? Oh, well, technically if you can find a QTE gladiatorial game on browsers you could get Ryse on there. Anyway, 43% of participants liked the lack of installations that come with browser-based games, while 31% liked the lack of being tied to a console to play the titles.

25% of the 85% of participants who have played browser games before also liked being able to start playing on one device and finish playing on another. It kind of sounds like they might enjoy the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U shared game functions, as well as the PS Vita and PS4 shared gaming functionality.

Only 19% of the 85% of casuals who play browser titles actually said they like them while being able to play at work, and only 10% fit the description of a gamer who would actually have to use the “Boss key”, as they say they like browser-based games because they can easily hide the fact that they game in the first place. F11 says “Hi” from the shareware era.

Interestingly enough, the 85% who play browser-titles like the ability to play the games anywhere, from on a plane (60%), to the couch (50%), to the bed (45%) and even while on the toilet (34%). Added to this, there's a bit of a gender battle involved with toilet-based gaming, as 39% of males admitted to gaming while on the can while only 28% of females admitted to gaming while doing the booty duty.

In addition to the above, 4% of the participants like being able to game during church while 2% felt that it's important to be able to play browser-based games on mobile devices during sex. Now I'm no expert... on gaming... but it seems like it might be tough to get in some strategic gameplay combinations while doing the risky business. Of course, of you're a male maybe you found a way to do it hands free? If you're a female... well, it's easy to see how it's possible to game while waiting for the significant other to finish the two-minute business venture.

Marcus Krüger, Chairman, Goo Technologies commented about the statistics, saying...
“While the results of the survey may seem amusing, they point to a real desire for high quality games to be available from anywhere without expensive hardware or software downloads,” “Games powered by Goo, such as the wildly popular launch of in Sweden, are showing the world that truly immersive 3D games can be accessed as easily as typing in a web address.”

So there you have it folks, the mobile gaming surge is dead and the browser-based gaming surge is alive and well. I guess Sony and Microsoft should look out as cheaply made browser games could kill the home console arena.
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