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Microsoft has decided to make the Xbox One even cheaper this holiday season. They're cutting the price by $50 for a limited time in the United States.

The Xbox One will be priced at $349 here in the States starting on November 2nd. The $50 price cut will also apply to these holiday season bundles:
  • The Assassin's Creed Bundle ($349.99) will launch on November 2nd with copies of Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. A version of this package priced at $449.99 also comes with Kinect and Dance Central Spotlight.
  • Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle ($349.99) comes with a special white version of the console and wireless in addition to a copy of Sunset Overdrive. Players will also get special in-game items for Sunset.
  • Limited Edition Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle ($449) features a 1TB console and wireless controller with custom art along with a Day Zero Edition of the game. This package will go on sale on November 3rd.
This price cut will be available from November 2nd through January 3rd, 2015 at participating retailers. Microsoft mentioned that major chains like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Stores, Target, Toys ‘R Us, and Walmart will all be offering the deal. The Xbox Wire announcement mentions that "regional availability and timing outside the U.S. will vary" - suggesting that other territories could get a holiday deal of their own.

The $50 discount is one of a few different promotions Microsoft has tried throughout 2014. They offered $100 to gamers who traded in their PS3 toward the purchase of an XB1 in the winter. In June, they began selling Xbox One without Kinect for $100 cheaper. New Xbox One buyers were able to get a free game with the console in September.

These deals are driven, at least partly, by Microsoft's realization that the Xbox One is trailing the PS4 by a significant amount. The exact sales numbers of the two consoles are unknown, due to Sony's and Microsoft's unwillingness to share them. However, Microsoft has acknowledged that they have some catching up to do. Sony managed to widen the gap even further with a strong September.

Whether you view the promotions as desperation or good marketing, the fact is that they're good news for gamers. The $50 lopped off the Xbox One's price means that someone out there's going to be able to get a console they might not have been otherwise able to afford. The beneficiary of this "console war" of ours continues to be the consumer.