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If you've fallen in love with the Xbox One controller but you don't want to buy an Xbox One in order to use the controller, you're in luck: Microsoft is making a wired version of the Xbox One controller available for PC gamers starting this November.

Microsoft posted a news update on their official Xbox website, letting gamers know that it won't be long before they can play their favorite PC games using an Xbox One controller.

As mentioned on the information page...
“The Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows is simple to use, plugging into any available USB slot and updating automatically. Want to switch it over to your Xbox One for some console gaming? No problem! The controller works on your Xbox One as well, either wirelessly or with the cable, making it more versatile than third-party PC controllers.”

It's actually a really intuitive way to get gamers using the controller as a cross-platform peripheral. If you already have an Xbox One controller all you need to do is pick up the USB cable to hook it up to your controller and then plug the other end into your PC. It saves you a bit of cash from having to buy a new controller for your PC gaming needs and it's likely to work wonders as an alternative for those of you who are thinking about diving into building a Steam Machine as a living room entertainment alternative to the traditional home console.

If you don't have an Xbox One controller, you'll be able to pick up the cable and controller together in one package for $59.95 this November. Unfortunately there was no pricing information or details on the availability of the official cable by itself (although, technically, one could purchase the proper micro USB cable separately and still hook up the controller to a PC).

This hardware combo announcement comes shortly after Microsoft released official drivers for the controller on PC. This means you'll no longer have to use Jerry-rigged methods to get the controllers to work for your desktop, tablet or laptop.

You'll need a hard drive with at least 150mb space free, at least 128mb of RAM, and a PC with at least 300mhz in processing power (so anything from 1998 or older just won't be able to handle the controller). Additionally, the drivers and controller are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

It's kind of weird on the store page that the Xbox One controller is the same price as the wireless Xbox 360 controller, even though you can plug-and-play the XB1 controller into a PC or the console, or go wireless and play without a cable at all. I mean, if you had to choose it would only make sense to go with the controller that gives you the option of going wired or wireless and already comes with the cable to do so. In simple terms, you would be ripping yourself off if you bought a wireless Xbox 360 controller at this point since you can get the Xbox One controller with the detachable wired cable for the same price.

You can learn more about the controller by paying a visit to the official Microsoft store page.

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