When you think “birdman getting punched in the face” we oftentimes just think about that big bird dude from David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch and potentially beating the crap out of him. However, ACE Team is actually letting gamers beat on birdmen and a host of other frightening looking monstrosities in their upcoming first person game, Zeno Clash II.

This is one of those absolutely crazy-arse adventure games that you would never see coming out of a big multi-billion dollar publishing house. Only a smaller publisher like Atlus would risk bringing a game like Zeno Clash II to life in conjunction with ACE Team, where freaky creatures are realized just so gamers can kick them in the gonads...or whatever it is between their hairy legs.

It's crazy but the game looks really gorgeous. Half the things that the player character was doing involving anything that wasn't punching someone in the face left me absolutely dumbfounded, but who cares. It looks like a fun game and follows on the trend of being a freaky, strange, fun-filled adventure.

Atlus will be bringing Zeno Clash II to home consoles and PC, digitally this year. However it doesn't look like the game will be receiving any boxed retail copies.

If that taste of oddness has you liking what you've seen, you can learn more or keep up to date by visiting the Official Website.

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