Even if you've finished inFamous 2's campaign and all of the extras, there's no reason to put the game down just yet. inFamous 2 is still receiving a stream of new content thanks to the toolset that shipped with the sandbox game.

The User Generated Content (UGC) creator allows players to create their own missions and share them online. Players can construct these missions using any of the props, characters, or creatures featured in the campaign itself. You can create stealth missions, all-out brawls, races and more.

The trailer below focuses on user missions created with the assets from inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. Festival of Blood was a standalone, downloadable adventure in which hero Cole McGrath had to fight a vampire invasion of New Marais. The assets from Blood allowed amateur builders to branch into the horror or zombie film genres.

A new update released around the time of Blood allowed players to create their own cutscenes as well. It was the last piece of the puzzle to ensure that players could build missions on par with those that shipped with the game.

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