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Hit Dreamcast RPG Grandia II Coming To PC

Fans of classic JRPGs have a lot to be excited about today, as one of the most beloved old school genre hits is about to make its way to a modern platform courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment America. The publisher recently revealed its latest project, none other than the classic Dreamcast adventure, Grandia II.

Here's Everything You Didn't Know About The Dreamcast

Beginning life in the increasingly crowded games market in 1998 and checking out just a handful of years later in 2001, the Dreamcast had a rather interesting run, becoming adored by many despite its brief lifespan. For those of you still left in the dark concerning Sega’s last console, Did You Know Gaming is here to fill in the details with its latest video tutorial, this time pulling back the curtain on the too-good-to-live Dreamcast game console.

Redux: Dark Matters Launches Today For The Dreamcast

A new game is available today, though probably not for one of the platforms you were expecting. It’s a brand new bullet hell romp called Redux: Dark Matters, and it launches today for none other than the Sega Dreamcast.

Crazy Taxi Coming To iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Sega is reviving one of the best games released for their old Dreamcast console. Crazy Taxi, an open-world racing game, will be coming to iOS devices sometime in the near future.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Flies From Dreamcast To PlayStation 3 This Fall

Under Defeat, a top-down shoot-em-up from developer G.rev, has led something of an interesting life. The game was originally released back in 2006 for the Sega Dreamcast. For those of you who are a bit rusty on your gaming history, that's a good five years after the console was offically announced dead in the water. Now, seven years later, it's getting a full retail (and digital) release for the PlayStation 3.

Shenmue HD Remake Already Complete?

Fans of the Dreamcast adventure Shenmue have been begging Sega to remake the game for modern consoles. A new report suggests that Sega has already completed HD versions of Shenmue and its sequel and they've been sitting on them for over a year.

Industry Blend: Most Underrated Video Game Of All Time: Omikron

Does anyone remember the game Omikron: The Nomad Soul for PC and the Dreamcast? Yeah, I didn't think so. However, Omikron trumps everything else out there when it comes to being underrated just because it's a game that represents what future games will inevitably become despite being 12 years old.

GamesCom 2010: Bulletstorm Shoots Up Four New Screenshots

Diehard shooter fans will be pleased to know that four new bullet-heavy screenshots have arrived for EA's FPS, Bulletstorm.

Sega Dreamcast Games Coming To Xbox Live, PSN This Fall

Sega has announced that those exclusive Dreamcast games from more than a decade ago will be available this fall on Xbox Live.

The Top Ten Most Important Launch Titles Of All Time

Be warned with this list. The title of it is, "The Top Ten Most IMPORTANT Launch Titles Of All Time," not "The Top Ten BEST Launch Titles Of All Time,"

Weekly Recap Nov. 7th: Halo Waypoint Arrives, Modern Warfare 2 Boycotted, Wii 2

Halo Waypoint launches for Xbox Live users while Modern Warfare 2 gets boycotted by digital distributors. Rumors about the Wii 2 also surface in this edition of the weekly recap.

Dreamcast Game Hypertension Fact Sheet And Trailer Released

TDGMods announced today that a new Sega Dreamcast and PC title is on the way called Hypertension and it's a remake of the classic PC shooter, Blood.

DreamCast's Rush Rush Rally Racing Receives Deluxe Edition

The company announced that they have a deluxe edition ready for pre-order and even if you already pre-ordered the regular game you can have it switched over for the limited edition.

Dreamcast Revived  For New Rush Rush Rally Racing

Due out on October 1st for the Sega Dreamcast, Rush Rush Rally Racing is not a phony but a real game.

Why Do Comic Books So Seldom Work As Video Games?

Okay, before you get to naming the Gamecube Incredible Hulk game, the recent Spiderman games, and well, that’s about all I can think of right now, my primary question is this: when you really scrutinize all the games that have come out based off of comic books

Samba De Amigo On Wii Control Concerns

What the hell is up with Sega sequels on the Wii? Do developers think we just want the same game again, but can’t quite get those titles to fit on Virtual Console and thus do some minor updates? NiGHTS 2 was basically a revamped redo of the original game, and despite looking a little better than early screens showcased it still reminded me of a Saturn game. This is cool, because the original was a decent title. Now we have the first footage of Samb de Amigo for Wii, and I am not surprised to find it looking just like a Dreamcast game.

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